-  Please look to arrive at least 15 minutes before your session time commences. 

- We have an intimate space for the experience, whilst we will have small storage for bags and coats please aim to only bring essentials with you where possible.

- The event is part escape room, part riddle solving, part theatre show and part potions pop up!

-  You will be placed into houses of 4-6 apprentices.  As part of your house you will be invited to compete in challenges, solve mysteries and brew devilish concoctions.  

- Each session includes a IPA and 2 x secret potions that you will brew as part of the experience.  There will be further opportunities to win and earn mystical prizes as part of your experience.

- Your session is largely team based and our intriguing potions master will be on hand to review your work.  Sessions last on average 90 minutes with ample time to purchase extra drinks!

- Please note this is an adult experience so no apprentices under the age of 18 (USA 21!)  We will have under 21 and family sessions available - we'll be putting these online shortly!