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About Us


The Wizard's Den is a unique and magical pop up designed and curated for all lovers of magic and fantasy.  We have created an immersive experience like never before that allows you for 90 minutes to discover magic and enchantement.


Come test your mettle with your coven as you partake in magical lessons under the guise of your potion master.

Here's what to expect in The Wizard's Den:

- An immersive 90 minute experience

- A welcome drink on arrival

- 2 x alcoholic (virgin options available) potions

- Riddles and unique fun

- A mysterious potions master

All experiences run for approximately 90 minutes, GF and Vegan options are available as are non alcoholic.  You will be seated in tables of 4-6 and we will seat groups of friends together. 

We ask students not to be late to their booked session - please arrive 15 minutes early.  Those arriving 15 minutes late may be refused entry. 

Come experience the magic and get potion making!


 Rated 5/5 by thousands of wizards

This is a perfect experience for a unique date, a group activity or a private function.  Speak to Wizard HQ if you want to book out one of our venues exclusively.

The Creators

Meet The People Who Make The Magic Happen

The Wizard's Den is produced from the creative team at Viral Ventures!

Across multiple cities the Viral Ventures team work hard to bring a new world of magic to life.

Meet some of the legends that have helped bring this experience to a reality!


Chelsea Hood-Withey

Cosima Wood

Amanda Gostomski

Story & Riddles:

Alex Wregg

Alex Wregg is the creative director, writer and game designer of:
*The Alice Experience at The Wonderland Bar in Potts Point.
*The Wizard's Den. Interactive show and bars worldwide.
*The Wizard's Den Semester 2.  Interactive show and bars worldwide.
*The Art of Murder:  theatrical Escape Room in Sydney.

His interests include falconry, game theory and jealousy.

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